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The purpose of this page is to list all apps, software and websites related to government and politics. We will also have an overview of these items. Doing this will let us know what platforms exist out there and what their features are. This will give us ideas for our own software and apps, as well serve as a database for such items.


  • App: For phones, tablet
  • Software: Can be used for Desktop computers and Laptops
  • Websites: Online platform accessible from any device

Apps, Software and Websites related to Improving Politics and Governmental Leadership[edit | edit source]

Name & Link Platform Type (App, Software or Website) Category Country Short Summary Non-commercial? Pros/Cons Quotes from Reviews
Political App App (iPad) Political Engagement; Voting Assistance Unites States Find, contact, and rate government representatives. Register to vote and alerts about upcoming elections * - - -
1776 - U.S. Politics App App (iPad) Politician Monitoring United States Track activities of politicians, see histories of bills submitted and more * (important app) - - -
Coalichain App (iPad) Election Platform United States Platform that facilitates organizations, different groups, companies and political parties to hold transparent and fair elections on the basis of blockchain technology. Coalichain website* - - -
politiscope App (iPad) Political Engagement United States Offers simplified information about government policies and elected officials. Allows users to follow bills, get voting data, contact and follow politicians.* - - -
VoteSpotter App (iPad) Political Engagement United States Shows how legislators vote on bills that allows users to compare and share their opinions to elected officials by connecting to them.* VoteSpotter website* - - -
Vote for policies Web App Voting Advice United Kingdom Conducts survey based on issues important to the users, provides results that can help them decide who to vote, connects them to the parties and their pledges, and tracks which pledges are fulfilled through Policy Tracker.* - - - Web App Voting Advice United Kingdom Provides quiz on different topics related to government policies, shows matching parties based on results, allows comparison to other constituency near the users' area and more.* - - -
Kieskompas Web App Voting Information The Netherlands Compares and shows information of voters' political views with the official views of political parties.* - -
Transparent Politics App (Android) Government Legislation United Kingdom Helps users keep an eye on the government lawmaking activities, allows petition to the parliament and more.* - - -
HelloVoter App (iPad) Political Engagement United States Provides information of politicians in office allowing users to contact them, and permits canvassing.* - - -
VoteInfo App (iPad) Voting Information Switzerland Provides voting information about federal and canton votes, updates on election results, archives of past elections and more.* - - -
IEC South Africa App (iPad) Voting Assistance South Africa Shows voters, candidates and voting location information including election result updates.* - - -
Vote Monitor Software Vote Monitoring Romania Collects data and reports from polling station observers or voters, and allows access of information to the public.* - -
Democracy OS Software Political United States Platform for public proposals that are debated and voted to enhance political system.* - - -
Civis Website Opinion Polling India Draft legislation uploads for public opinion. Allows public participation in lawmaking by getting votes on policies and sending the results to the Government.* - - - Website Education United States Information and specifics about the election processes, registration, candidates and dates.* - - -
Democracy Earth Website Citizen Participation United States Enables quadratic voting and uses blockchain technology to achieve true democracy.* - - -
D-CENT Website Political and Economic Information United Kingdom Provides tools that allows collaborative policy making and voting.* - - -
Vote Smart Website Voting Assistance United Kingdom provides "factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials". Website Tabs include Bio, Votes, Positions, Ratings, Speeches, Funding - - -
Airesis Software Citizen Participation Italy "The Social Network for E-Democracy", "A place to report problems, propose solutions, discuss alternatives, to summarize shared decision. A powerful tool to enhance collective intelligence." - Github - - -
CitizenLab Software Citizen Participation Belgium "We give cities and governments a digital participation platform to consult their citizens on local topics and include them in decision-making." - This is a commercial business - - -
Decidim Web App Citizen Participation Spain "makes it possible for people to organize themselves democratically by making proposals, attending public meetings, fostering decision-making discussions, deciding through different forms of voting and monitoring the implementation of decisions." Also has a github - - -

Add to Above Table[edit | edit source]

  • -- "vTaiwan is a four-stage online and offline process for moving from issue to legislative enactment while building consensus among diverse stakeholders. It has been used to craft 26 pieces of legislation relating to the digital economy collaboratively between the government and the public."
  • - Horizon State ("Our leading role in developing a tamper-resistant digital ballot box and engagement platform that is transparent, verifiable,") (need to add to the above table)
  • -- Also see their Github
  • - Democracy International (We are committed to supporting active citizens, responsive governments, and engaged civil society and political organizations to achieve a more peaceful, democratic world.)
  • The Citizens Foundation - A number of projects going on their Github ("The Citizens Foundation is a global nonprofit offering creative and secure open source digital democracy solutions used in over 20 countries")

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List of Groups to Open democracy/Improving the Government[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all active/semi-active/prominent groups that people have created

Other Apps, Software and Websites[edit | edit source]

Name & Link Platform Type (App, Software or Website) Category Country Short Summary Non-commercial? Pros/Cons Quotes from Reviews
Countable - Contact Congress App (Android) Government Legislation ? Provides information about bills, resolutions and other important matters related to lawmaking; and allows users participate in the process. - - -
Counties Work App (Android) Game -Government Simulation ? Helps users experience governing a county without elections. - - -
Government App (Android) Game - Political Simulation Various Features 4 different time periods (1945 Britain, 1949 Germany, 2010 Britain and 2012 USA) where users can lead their party and adjust their stance to win. - - -
President Simulator Lite App (Android) Game - Political Simulation ? Let users rule and manage a country as its president. - - -
RandomNation - Politics Game App (Android) Game - Political Simulation ? Allows users experience the life of politicians including the role of a president of a nation. - - -
All Government Websites App (Android) Site Links India Contains lists of different sites of government agencies and departments. - - -
My Government App App (Android) Site Links Kenya Allows easier access to government services through the listed sites. - - -
Kerala Government Websites App (Android) Site Links India Contains lists of government services websites of a specific state. - - -
Tamilnadu Government e-Websites and Apps App (Android) Site Links India Provide links of government websites and apps that users can access to meet their needs in health, agriculture and other state government services. - - -
E-Services Pakistan App (Android) Site Links Pakistan Tracks almost all government and private organization services. Features include Vehicle verification, passport information and driving license. - - -
Government Digital Services App (Android) Departments' Services India Provides access to some of the government services like application for voter's ID and driver's license. - - -
SingPass Mobile App (Android) Personal Data Access Singapore Provides an easy access of users data based on their transactions related to government services. - - -
Samagra mGOV Services App (Android) Personal Data Access India Provides information to services like birth certificate verification, file tracking and more. - - -
Barbados Government Directory App (Android) Directory Barbados Bears sites, contact details and address with maps of most of the government's departments. - - -
Government Directory App (Android) Directory Bahrain Shows lists of government entities with contact details, social media accounts and maps. Includes employee directory. - - -
MyGov App (Android) Social Services India Permits participation in different government activities such as policy formation and program implementation. - - -
DubaiNow App (Android) Public Services Dubai Offers unified government services from 22 entities including residency visas, public transportation and more. - - -
Saudi e-Government Mobile App. App (Android) Delete Saudi About information lacks, and outdated (updated on 2013) - - -
MyTSA App (Android) Transportation United States Provides access to information commonly asked by passengers of different airlines. - - -
Pakistan Citizen Portal App (Android) Grievance Redressal Pakistan Processes complaints and connects to all levels of government organizations from federal to provincial to resolve issues. - - -
SSS Mobile App (Android) Social Security - Finance Philippines Allows members to check records and status of benefits, apply for salary loans and more. - - -
Swamy Publishers App App (Android) Employees' Manual India Shows information about different aspects of government service including Central Civil Service Rules, Office Memorandums and Case-laws for government employees. - - -
GovHKNotifications App (Android) Emergency Alerts Hong Kong Disseminates government information or alerts relevant to the users. - - -
Alberta Emergency Alert App (Android) Emergency Alerts Canada Alerts and provides critical information when approaching disasters are detected. - - -
SmartPass App (Android) Services Access UAE Allows access to multiple UAE Government services using one account. - - -
IRCTC Rail Connect App (Android) Transportation India Offers train ticketing services like reservation or booking of tickets and transaction status updates. - - -
Govt e-Procurement System - NIC App (Android) Procurement India Provides access to details of tenders published by government entities. - - -
GovInfo - government schemes, jobs & scholarships App (Android) Publication and Schemes India Shows government information such as schemes, job alerts and scholarships. - - -
Schemy (Government Schemes) App (Android) Publication and Schemes India Links to information about government schemes such as application for agricultural insurance, pensions, and more. - - -
P@CGov App (Android) Social Security - Finance Singapore Provides access to information of government officers and pensioners pay, claims and medical bills. - - -
Who Should You Vote For Web App Voting Advice United Kingdom Contains simple election and political quizzes which shows which parties match with the users' quiz results. - - -
WhoGetsMyVoteUK Web App Voting Advice United Kingdom Helps users determine the political parties that match with their preferences by answering questions, and allows access of information about the positions of participating parties. - - -
euandi2019 Web App Voting Advice European Countries Matches political preferences of users with the political parties by providing statements about policy issues and political values they can react to. - - - -
Negative Vote Association Website Voting Advice Taiwan Allows users cast negative votes to politicians they do not like. - - -
Vote Compass Web App Voting Advice Various Analyse and compares response to questions provided and shows compatibility of the voters in the political landscape. - - -
spaceu2019 Web App Election Database European Countries Provides information such as electoral rights, and allows comparison of conditions and requirements in the election process based on their country of residence and citizenship, but is not available as of this moment of writing. - - -
TrustTheVote Website Voting/Election System United States Builds election technology framework and open source software. - - -
CAVO Website Voting/Election System United States Creates open source voting software and components. - - -
Sustainable Development Goals App (Android) Local Government Spain Provides information about sustainable development goals to guide local governments. - -
Rival Regions: world strategy of war and politics App (Android) Game - War and Politics Various A simulation game where users can create their states, political parties, laws and media. They can also declare war to expand their empire and manage factories. - - -
PolitiTruth: A PolitiFact Game App (Android) Game - Fact Checker United States Helps users determine how factual political information or stories they read or heard. - - -
Big Politics Inc. UK Edition App (Android) Game - Political Simulation United Kingdom Features include creating or running a party, winning elections and passing of laws to influence change in the political landscape. - - -
Pocket Politics: Idle Money App (Android) Game - Political Simulation United States Emphasizes on political ranks, campaign and profits. - - -
Executive Command App (Android) Game - Government Simulation ? Allows users experience the roles of a president of a nation with 4 years term. - - -
Country statistics: gdp, politics, population, etc App (Android) Political and Economic Information Various Provides various information about countries political and economic indices such as GDP, population and more. - - -
Political Leadership App (Android) Political Education ? Provides references that may widen political knowledge. - - -
American History and Political Sciences App (Android) Political eBooks United States An eBook app that contains books about American history. Helps widen political knowledge. - - -
Show of Hands App (Android) Delete ? Allows users to answer questions related to different issues and publish their polls. - - -
True Democracy App (Android) Game - Political Simulation Various Gives players a chance to be elected to lead their country and act as a true government leader. - - -
Mx. Democracy App (Android) Game - Election Education India Lets a player "embarks upon a quest to learn all about elections in India." - - -
Laws of Civilization App (Android) Game - Political Simulation Various Provides an experience of being a politician leading a nation based on the users choice. Features include running for elections, approving/abolishing laws, brainwash other politicians and more. - - -
POWER - Political Strategy MMO App (Android) Game - Political Simulation Various Allow users play as a politician or a businessman who "can seize the highest offices in the land through free and fair elections, or dirty tricks and deals." - - -
Democracy - Polls and Votes App (Android) Poll Various Permits anyone to start a poll then vote on it, and "crowd sources topics/issues from users and provides a forum for general population to share their point of view. " - - -
VocalEyes - Community organising App (Android) Community Engagement ? A "platform for participatory democracy" that focuses on "Helping organisations, groups and communities turn good ideas into action." - - -
Democracy App (Android) Government Legislation Germany "...makes the whole parliamentary database searchable for you and shows you in real time all current, past and future votes of the German Bundestag..." - - -
Democracy History App (Android) Democracy Reference Various Provides references and other details related to democracy. - - -
BC Highways - Road Conditions App (Android) Traffic Navigation Canada Provides information on Highway Network such as road condition and incidents, traffic status and more. - -
My GHMC App (Android) Government Services India Gives integrated services including payment of property tax, trade license fee, and accepts civic related grievances. - - -
Qlue - Smart City App App (Android) Social Services Indonesia "A social media app that allows users to report problems directly to the city government and businesses, as well as sharing to the neighbors around them in order to help creating Smart City." Sends reports to the concerned officials in real time. - - -
VoiceMap AudioTours App (Android) Delete Various Works like a map and at the same time a tour guide. - - -
VoteUp - Senate Elections Philippines 2019 App (Android) Voting Guide Philippines Collects and shares available information about candidates, and allows users to vote for the candidate they prefer before the election to show/share rankings. - - -
FactStream App (iPad) Fact Reference United States Gathers "together the work of the three largest U.S. fact-checking organizations – the Washington Post, PolitiFact and" and shows those information based on users' preferences. - - -
Goods Unite Us - Open Politics App (iPad) Political Guidance United States Track political donations made by over 4,000 brands, companies and their senior employees (great ratings, more popular than other apps) - - -
Election the Game App (iPad) Game - Political Simulation Unknown Manage elections, manipulate/bribe voters - - -
We Vote Ballot Guide, @WeVote App (iPad) Voting Assistance United States Helps people decide how to vote; match your values to your vote. - - -
The Political Quarterly App (iPad) Education United Kingdom Provides analysis, research, informed opinions on politics and public policy. - - -
WeVote by Committee of 70 App (iPad) Voting Assistance United States Learn about candidates, voting guides, connect with others, earn points for activities - - -
The Congressional Record App (iPad) News United States "contains the debates, proceedings, and activities of the Congress", browse the 'Congressional Record' - - -
Debt Clock - USA, World Countries National debt App (iPad) News United States Provides various types of data about the national debt of 180+ countries - - -
TrackBill: Legislation Tracker App (iPad) Legislative Monitoring United States Browse and monitor state and federal legislative information, bills, amendments. App website: - - -
Ballottrax App (iPad) Political Engagement; Voting Assistance United States Helps people track their ballot information and contact representatives. - - -
Congress Contact App (iPad) Political Engagement United States Contact elected representatives (Senate and House of Representatives) - -
Engaging Congress App (iPad) Game; Public Education United States a "game that uses primary source documents, photographs, political cartoons, maps, and other items" to help increase awareness about politics - - -
Powerline App (iPad) Community Engagement United States Assists leaders and communities with communicating through polling, petitions and discussion,alerts, microblogging, groups, fundraising and social sharing. - - -
CivicMobile App (iPad) Local Government Services United States Provides information about local government services. - - -
HearMyVoice-Mobile democracy for the civic minded. App (iPad) Political Engagement United States Learn major political issues, future elections and it's comparisons. Register for voting and connect representatives. - - -
Brigade: Make Change Together App (iPad) Social Engagement United States Helps to make opinion on major issues like taxes and climate change. Raise you issue, start compaigns, organize with your friends and contact compaign leaders. - - -
DemocracyDelivered App (iPad) Social Networking United States Let people to recognize, discuss, rate issues in human life. Connect with people and businesses, highlight issues in blog discussion. - - -
empowr App (iPad) Social Networking Unites States Provides possibilities to people and shares revenue with them. Communicate with your friends through likes and comments. - - -
Puritan Boston Tests Democracy App (iPad) Education Unites States Provides reference to initial 60 years of Boston's history and database of it's historical events from 1929 to 1691. Includes more than 30 sites data and biological information of above 30 individuals, access to resources in congregational library and archives. - - -
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign App (iPad) Political Monitoring United States Monitors government, advocate common good, moral values and accountability. Tracks finance in politics, runs campaigns for reforms, fair elections and democracy. - - -
Outvote App (iPad) Voting Assistance United States Provides voting details, resources and discuss important issues. Help your candidate get selected through campaigns, fundraise and organizing events. - - -
KĀKOU App (iPad) Civil Engagement United States Find, connect representatives and officials. Participate in legislative process and communicate with legislative committees, track important issues and bills. - - -
Digital Democracy App (iPad) Civil Participation United States Improves people participation and contribution. Serve people, companies and NGO's to participate and contribute in the sphere of education, health, culture and economy. Uses gamification to increase involvement. - - -
USA Simulator App (iPad) Game- Political Simulation United States Provides an experience of being a politician running a country. Features include, earning money, increasing authority and controlling economy. - - -
VoterPal App (iPad) Voter Registration United States Helps people register for voting. - - -
Politics Classics HD App (iPad) Political References Various Books and Literature about politics and government. - - -
Kratos Build your democracy App (iPad) Voter (?) United States "track legislation that you care about, and allows you to engage with your elected representatives" (app website) - -
Vote Clicker: America's Next President App (iPad) Game - Political Simulation United States Run an election campaign, "Upgrade election campaign assets to earn more votes per second" - - -
V Democracy App (iPad) Delete UK (not significant: app website is down, no downloads, screenshots are not final) - - -
Voatz App (iPad) Online Election United States "vote in all kinds of elections or voting events" - - -
Scars of Democracy App (iPad) Art etc. Various Paintings of political leaders with tattoos representing various things. - - -
GovernEye App (iPad) Discussion/Engagement India "discussions about governance, politics and social issues", "conduct public discussions, get lawmakers' updates, organize and participate in an online protest march, understand the trends in opinions on national issues and most importantly, receive alerts about fake news - - -
Democracy 3 App (iPad) Game- Political Simulation United States Models global economy, different voters and situations of a country that a player must handle to achieve his/her goals for the virtual country he/she runs. - - -
CivicMobile App (iPad) Local Government Services United States Allows access to local government departments’ information like business and staff directory. - - -
Boston Trash Schedule & Alerts App (iPad) Trash Issues United States Provides information and notifications about garbage and recycling schedules. - - -
Commonwealth Connect App (iPad) Community Problem Resolution United States Gathers reports of issues and problems in municipalities to be solved by the assigned local government unit. - - -
Pure Force Citizens App App (iPad) Community Problem Resolution Philippines Sends reported issues that affects human lives to the right government agencies for a quick resolution. - - - – Commute Directions App (iPad) Transportation Philippines Shows routes of different transit modes like buses/jeepneys, and provides direction to commuters. - - -
BOS:311 App (iPad) Community Problem Resolution United States Accepts reports of neighborhood issues and sends them to the City’s server for action. - - -
ParkBoston App (iPad) Parking Services United States Gives a way to pay for parking and access to parking information like history, charges and receipts. - - -
Street Bump App (iPad) Local Government Services United States Gathers data about the streets through a built-in sensor to be used to find and fix street problems. - - -
Boston PayTix App (iPad) Utility Services United States Offers parking services focused on payments of tickets. - - -
My Local Services App (iPad) Local Government Services United States Delivers information about recycling, waste collection and parks. Report issues to authorities. - - -
Supercívicos - Neighborhood Report App (iPad) Community Problem Resolution Spain Shows reports of problems in municipalities and collects the information to serve as basis for the government in policy creation or in creating an action plan. Encourages civil participation and stores data of the incidences. - - -
Nextdoor - Neighborhood App App (iPad) Neighborhood Social Networking United States Shows specific recommendations, news and alerts based on users’ locations or preferences and connects them to their neighbors. - - -
Gov2Gov App (iPad) Transaction Assistance United States Assists users in different government transactions by knowing and remembering the information they provide. - - -
Snap Send Solve App (iPad) Local Government Services Australia, New Zealand Used to notify local councils and authorities about issues to be addressed in the community. - - -
UMANG App (iPad) Government Services India Provides access to different government agencies’ services like healthcare, finance and education. - - -
VoxVote App (iPad) Voting Assistance Netherlands Connects audience with presenter. Enables audience for voting on question and opinion, displays voting results graphically. - - -
VoteUp: Fast group voting App (iPad) Voting Platform United States Enables casting of vote, sharing polls on social networks and sending poll invitations. - - -
WISER Response App (iPad) Medical Services United States Guides emergency responders by providing important information to save lives. - - -
Code for All Software Civil Participation ? Enables organization collaboration to solve social issues through digital technology. - - -
Code for Romania Software Social Engagement Romania Creates tools such as programs and apps that may solve political and societal problems. - - -
Civic Labs Software Social Improvement Romania Code for Romania program that provides solutions to social problems by creating innovative technology. - - -
Tech For Social Good Software Social Improvement Romania Code for Romania program where tech solutions are addressed and developed. - - -
iCompass Software Local Government Services United States Offers management solutions to local governments. - - -
TurboTax Software Tax Assistance United States Helps qualified tax payers prepare or file their state and federal taxes. - - -
Praja Website Civil Participation Indian "Praja is a non-partisan organisation working towards enabling accountable governance since 1999. Praja empowers citizens to participate in governance by providing knowledge and perspective so that they can become politically active and involved beyond the ballot box. It undertakes extensive research and highlights civic issues to build the awareness of, and mobilize action by the government and elected representatives (ERs)."
Code for Canada Software Community Networking United States Connects with governments through its programs that helps them interact with the residents and businesses with digital technology. - - -
Citizens Foundation Software Civil Participation Iceland Develops tools that promotes open participation, and helps governments build democratic digital platforms. - - -
Open States Website Political Monitoring United States Provides data related to state legislatures that enables the public to see how their representatives vote on policies and more. - - -
Student Vote Website Education Canada Platform to teach students about elections, by providing a medium for students to become part of an election process. - - -
Represent Web App Opinion Polling United Kingdom Platform for creating a variety of opinion surveys, feedback, comments and votes. App website: Represent. - - -
Ushahidi App Crowdsourcing Kenya Monitoring of situations using maps and geographic locations. Crowdsourcing data and graphics. - - -
Global Open Data Index (GODI) Website Open Data Germany Reports on open data sources, survey feedback and statistics. Public accessibility to Data. - - -
Consul Website Civil Participation United States Open source software platform that encourages participation by providing spaces where people can debate on topics, create proposals and more. - - -
Liquid Website Community Mobilization United States "democratic decision making" What is Liquid Democracy? * - - -
Nesta Website Digital Services United Kingdom Helps provide solutions to social issues through innovative technological approaches. - - -
MiVote Website Political Assistance United States Platform for voting and connecting community to elected representatives. - - -
Electoral Reform Society Website Political Engagement United Kingdom Campaigns to promote democratic reforms,enhance political system and strengthen public participation. - - -
Democracy Club Website Electoral Democracy United Kingdom Coordinates with volunteers to gather data that are processed to create tools that provides voters election information.* - - -
TheyWorkForYou Website Political Monitoring United Kingdom Shows data gathered from different platforms to enable monitoring of the Parliament including the representatives' profile, votes and written answers.* - - -
International IDEA Website Political and Economic Information Sweden Supports building, strengthening and safeguarding political institutions, promotes sustainable development.* - - -
Web Roots Democracy Website Political Assistance United Kingdom Provides research information related to voting systems and projects. - - -
myGov Website Government Services Australia Integrates government services allowing ease of access to government related information or transactions. - - -
Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development Website Economic Information United Kingdom Addresses challenges, helps to achieve sustainable development. - - -
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Website Economic Information ? Works to build policies for better lives, builds policies to enhance prosperity, equality and development. - - -
Asia-Europe Foundation Website Social Cooperation Singapore Strengthen Asia-europe ties, enhance mutual understanding, explore opportunities for cooperation. - - -
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Philippines Website Social Assistance Philippines Promotes political education, think tanks to strengthen social democracy, supports young class. - - -
SEED - Solution for Environment, Economy, and Democracy Website Political and Economic Assistance Unites States Provides solutions for environment, economy and democracy. - - -
ACE Electoral Knowledge Network Website Voting Information United States Provides information of electoral processes, promotes sustainable and professional electoral processes in the world. - - - Website Customer Services and Feedback United States Enables customers to give feedback and helps government agencies to improve customer care. - - -
Elucd Website Political Assistance United States Facilitates leaders to improve trust and safety using data, helps leaders to monitor how people think about trust and safety, develop strategies for improvement. - - -
Peer City Identification Tool (PCIT) Website Community Engagement United States Provides tool helping policy makers understand a municipality in the context of peer cities. - - -
Transform Rockford Website Community Engagement United States Source providing community members to show their ideas and implement to improve social, economic well-being of the region. - - -
E-Democracy Website Civil Participation United States Uses tool to support participation in public life, build communities and make them strong. - - - Website Government Services United States Gives data, tools and resources to conduct research issues , develops web and mobile applications. - - -
OpenGov Foundation Website Political Engagement United States Engages officials with people, enables citizens understand decisions affecting their lives, families and business. - - -
Demand Progress Website Social Services United States Promotes policy changes for the betterment of common people. Focus uses of civil freedom, civil rights and government reform - - -
Rootstrikers Website Online Petitions United States Helps leaders to campaign for the betterment of people, provides solutions to improve lives of american people. - - -
Sixteen Thirty Fund Website Economic Monitoring United States Monitors financial activities of foundations, charities. - - -
Capital Research Center Website Economic Monitoring United States Monitors financial activities of foundations and charities. - - -
The Neighborhood Empowerment Network’s Empowered Communities Program (ECP) Website Community Development United States Empowers community development, build and implement strategies to improve community capacity, protect health and safety of people. - - -
OpenProject Website Project Management United States Provides a tool to support your project management processes, project life cycle - - -
Better Government Association Website Government Monitoring United States Advocates transparency, efficiency and accountability in government. - -
CitySourced Web App Local Government Services United States Offers cities and municipalities app solution for citizens. - - -
The Public Square website Website Community Engagement United Kingdom - Makes research to monitor citizen involvement in making local decisions, helps councils, residents to improve local community. - - -
Involve Website Website Community Participation United Kingdom Facilitates councils engage residents to tackle local issues, involve citizens in decision making. - - -
Write To Them Website Website Political Engagement United Kingdom Enables people to follow and connect with politicians and representatives. - - -
Alaveteli Software Website Political Engagement United Kingdom Empowers citizens to make their representatives accountable, help citizen request and access information. - - -
Find N' Fix App Local Government Services Canada Rewards to people, who reports issues like signage and lighting. - - -
mySociety Website Political Information United Kingdom Provides data and tool to support democratic systems , promotes civil participation. - - -
the RSA Website Business Information United Kingdom Promotes arts, manufacturers and commerce, enrich society through ideas and action. - - -
Government Digital Service Web App Digital Services United Kingdom Collaborates with departments, help them with their transformation. builds platform, standards and digital services. - - -
CIVICgov Web app Local Government Services United Kingdom Software facilitates government in municipal management, community and land management, increase external collaboration with citizens and businesses. - - -
Agora Website Voting Assistance United States Provides secure and transparent digital voting platform for governments and organizations. - - - Website Civil Participation ? Platform enables people and communities for democratic participation. - - -
Appgree App Departmental Monitoring ? Provides data to let understand your customers and employees. - - -
LiquidFeedback Website Voting Information Netherlands Enables people to start initiative to let others know about your initiatives, suggestion on initiative. - - -
Loomio App Community Engagement New Zealand Helps people discuss and make decisions together to improve cooperation and consensus. - - -
Rousseau Website Civil Participation Italy Take part in the change, make your voice heard, express ideas, follow and monitor your representatives. - - -
Sovereign App Management Services ? Provides redistributed governance platform for small and large organizations. - - -
Epitome Website Civil Participation ? Enables people to develop proposals to report issues, users identify issues and improve them. - - -
CHVote Website Voting Assistance Switzerland Provides secure, transparent and reliable E-voting system. - - -
Open Government Partnership Website Government Services United States Promotes reform inside and outside the government, transform services that government provides to it`s citizens, Empower civil society, advocates for partnership - - -
IBM Center for The Business of Government Website Government Services United States Focuses on public management, issues facing government departments at all levels. - - -
FOSSASIA Website Digital Services Singapore Improves people lives by sharing tech solutions, people access to digital tools. - - -
Vevox App Voting Assistance United Kingdom Engage participants, allows to vote, share , feedback and interact with audiences. - - -

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